What is TSC Classifieds?

TSC Classifieds (TSC) celebrates America’s transportation industry! TSC is a user friendly site available to everyone for buying and selling of goods and services and employment opportunities. Additionally, TSC supports the transportation industry by creating a virtual community for drivers, vendors, and fans of All Things Transportation!


Why Buy and Sell Here?

Since TSC is full of people who care about America’s transportation industry, buyers and sellers alike will find that they have access to a community that often gets overlooked. Why not buy and sell with people who share your passion for transportation?


What are the Rules?

  • No bootleg, pirated, or illegal material may be sold in this forum.

  • No obscene or “adult” material or services may be sold in this forum.

  • Do not create multiple ads for the same product or service.

  • TSC does not promote or endorse any products or services listed for sale in the forum.

  • All posts on the forum will be slightly delayed since they are subject to review by TSC administrators.

  • TSC will not moderate disputes between buyers and sellers. However, repeated serious complaints against a user may result in the cancellation of that user’s account.

  • All forum posts are subject to moderation by TSC administrators and may be edited or blocked at the discretion of said administrators. In that event, forum members may appeal, explaining why they feel their post should be allowed. Any subsequent ruling by TSC administrators is final.


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